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Open World - Role Playing Game

Introducing Ascension - our Open World Role Playing Game (RPG) with Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Everyone (PvE) aspects to benefit both styles of play. This will give users the ability to gain new skills and attributes as they progress on their journey. The development of the game will be forever expanding. Our new supporting tokenomics will ensure the expansions are implemented in future updates.

Integrating gaming into our ecosystem with the help of highly skilled game developers is at the forefront of our roadmap. Our play-to-earn game is expected to be introduced into the Kishimoto ecosystem in Q4 of 2022. Our open world game has been in development since December 2021, and will incorporate the Kishimoto NFT collections.

Only Genesis Kishi Ninja NFT holders will have exclusive first access to the game

Adapt - Improvise - Overcome

Decentralized Ecosystem Community Focused

To honor this mangaka’s journey – namely, his grit, persistence, and inspiration towards doing great anime artistry – Kishimoto has created a cryptocurrency with distinctly useful utilities and a community-first approach to create something truly great for its holders. On the heels of a stealth launch on October 18, 2021, the Kishimoto token launched as an ERC20 token with a bridge to the BSC network.

With powerful utilities featured in our 3D NFT Marketplace along with its previous and future passive income platforms, Kishimoto will generate value extending to the entire ecosystem and investors. Kishimoto will also release the highly anticipated Open World RPG Play-to-Earn Game that will be ever expanding with countless updates and features. With our improved tokenomics, gaming rewards will be continuous along with future game developments and expansions. Kishimoto will also release a groundbreaking VPN (virtual private network) that will set itself apart from every other VPN that has been launched previously.

Investing Made Easy

Our ecosystem is built on the foundations of simplicity, this provides opportunity to all audiences to invest at their own leisure. Utilizing Decentralized investing by using the Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain blockchains, whilst also providing four centralized exchanges to accommodate to all audiences.

Decentralized Exchanges


Slippage for All Transactions is: 4-5%


Our tokenomics are taxes applied on tokens being sold, bought & transferred. To ensure the continuous growth of our ecosystem, 3.5% of every trade will be contributed to the development of utilities & marketing, 1% of every trade will be contributed towards the liquidity pool to help provide price stability and defense against chart manipulation.

Part of our long term ambitions, 3.5% of our tokenomics will also be contributed to our passive income module & injecting rewards into our game which allows investors to generate a passive income through gaming.

Token Supply Distribution

Total Maximum Supply: 100,000,000,000

Total Tokens Removed From Circulation:

Total Circulating Supply: (c.100 Billion Tokens as of 01/08/22)


Our ecosystem is built on the foundations of our community, the importance of engagement & contribution to implement growth organically. Our focus in the cryptoverse is not only to be part of it, but to achieve the ambitions we set in our roadmap, ensuring this is beneficial to our holders and evolution of our ecosystem.

Phase 1 Q4 2021
Phase 2 Q1 2022
Phase 3 Q2-Q3 2022

Professional Rebrand

Kishimoto V2 Migration

Virtual Reality NFT Marketplace

V2 Contract Audited

Multiple Listings

Whitepaper Rebrand

Phase 4 Q4 2022

3D - NFT Marketplace

We introduced our NFT Marketplace to our ecosystem in March 2022, the 3D FT Marketplace welcomes a vibrant 3D surrounding showcasing the Kishimoto NFT collections. Buying & Selling NFTs and many more surprise elements soon to be embedded, the NFT marketplace will be a one off metaverse for NFT artists to explore and showcase their collections.

We are currently upgrading our marketplace from our BETA version. Implementing Virtual Reality into our very own Metaverse, allowing users to gain a sense of freedom whilst exploring our expansion. We will be integrating a brand new design and presentation of our marketplace in due course.

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Passive Income

The development team have always been keen to give back to the community. The staking applications were a primary focus when the project launched as our idea was always to give back to our investors. In November 2021, the team held a staking event that yielded $500,000 in Kishimoto token over the course of 10 days. In December 2021, we integrated a 60 day staking event which distributed $1 million work of Saitama tokens to those who participated in the staking event.

Additional staking events will be created with the release of our upcoming Nemesis NFT collection and future token staking opportunities for the community.


Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network services establish secure and encrypted connections to provide greater privacy than a secure Wi-Fi hotspot.

When you are using a Virtual Private Network, not even your internet service provider (ISP) can see what you are doing. Use a VPN to stay protected at home or on the road, especially when you are using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

You will be able to purchase your subscription in a unique way that doesn't involve setting up an account, yet it provides security while you stay anonymous, protecting your privacy even further. Our VPN application will be available on iOS/Mac/Android/Microsoft.


Genesis NFT Collection

Introducing our Genesis Kishi Ninja NFT Collection. The collection consists of 10,000 unique digital collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Kishi Nina NFT is exclusive and grants early access to our highly anticipated Open World RPG Play to Earn Game.

Minting a Kishi Ninja NFT acts as your entry to the most prestigious Blockchain Community ever built.

Mint Price: 0.05 ETH


Nemesis NFT Collection

The Nemesis Collection is a compilation of highly detailed 3D Samurais. These skilled warriors will be the "nemesis" of the Kishi Ninjas. The Nemesis will be stakable shortly after the collection is open to the public.

Nemesis is a collection of exclusive NFT collectibles that will live on the Ethereum Blockchain. The traits are programmatically assigned but manually drawn giving each artwork a distinct identity and lending added value to the Kishimoto community.

Mint Price: 0.15 ETH


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